213 - Fat Rope Walking

Mother: "Very nice meh? It's so big and slouchy!"
Me: "That's the point!"
Mother: "It's like some sumo wrestler thing"
Me: "That's the point! It's for fat days! You can borrow it when you feel fat!!"

It's either she forgot, or mother loves me so much that she chose to ignore the fact that I already have 4 black blazers in my closet, and agreed to buy me yet another one. Eternal cheers for sponsored shopping, especially so since the holidays have been sapping my money (and my newfound appreciation for taxis, a habit I need to kick) and buying these shoes broke the last metaphorical piggy bank. But how could I ignore my two month long plea for a good pair of Autumn/Winter shoes when life throws me a pair of Shitos half price? Alas, you cannot. Although I am slightly reconsidering the neon strip since my closet has shunned away from the trend (save an ill fitting dress from Zara. I blame the sale). Either way, I reckon this stands as a true testimony to what I told Sean during the Feist Heist event. 

It is also because of my utmost grace that I have spared you the worst of the outfit shots with this walking stick a la Daiso. It will be a slow boiling pot of accumulation until I can bestow upon you another one of these ridiculous Blooper-thons. I brought these shoes and this blazer to Taiwan (where I am currently), and after a day of intermittent walking and being out in the Taiwan air, my feet are numb and my jacket is stuffed into my bag from the overbearing LACK of cold air that exists in this climate.

There goes mentally and weather-ly sound layering. ): 

Photos taken by Ana
Bysi blazer; Editor's shirt and shorts; Shito shoes; Taobao panda bag; Daiso walking stick

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