214 - Hangar-over

I wonder if my word play ingenuity strikes through. This was taken at Hong Kong International Airport, where there are airplanes, which are usually kept at hangars. My face is particularly bad and belies the experience of having to wake up at 4 a.m. for a flight, and spent the subsequent 4 over hours switching positions repeatedly in a misleading attempt to gain some reprieve from the torturous world. In other words, a hangover-like expression brought out only by the experiences of flight. 

This is the beginning of my Taiwan trip log, in preparation for which I prepared several outfits, although the terrible weather has now severely slashed at the chances of me walking out of the hotel in 3 layers. Nonetheless, I will try my best. I'll probably be staggering the outfit shots over the next month to make up for some general, deplorable lack of concrete content. So, look 1, slouchy, pajama pants, and heels just to make things inconvenient for myself when I pass through body checks and have to take them off. Oh, airport security.

It is actually COLDER in restaurants than on the streets of Taipei.

Bysi black blazer; Taobao panelled blazer; Mango t-shirt; nameless black pants; Shito shoes; Flea bag

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