215 - Getting Comfy

"Wear comfortable shoes to look good." Call me up when my 5 year old brother's shoes get onto Tommy Ton's Jak & Jil. The most logical point of this article on ST Communities is probably that attitude plays a large role in determining your "style factor", and attitude is easily swayed by how comfortable you are (a.k.a how much pain your feet are feeling). The issue of attitude in style (widespread as the butter on my bread, does that even make sense?) is for another time, although a few comments in the article did raise some flags in the castle of my brain.

“If your feet are uncomfortable, then you will be in a bad mood and you hold your body in a weird way and you can actually throw out your back and your neck. And you end up not enjoying the evening because you’re uncomfortable.” Wise words that are true, but if you told most Singaporeans to dress comfortable, you wouldn't get much creativity or uniqueness past berms, t-shirts, and hopefully, not flip flops. Fashion isn't impractical, but it can be. My issue here isn't that you need to wear stunning shoes, which majority of the time do not equal comfort, to look good. Much rather, it is the statement "wearing something uncomfortable is the worst fashion disaster" that throws me completely off. I want to wear Jimmy Choos and buy expensive wool coats and fitted, tailored blazers as well, but I don't really have the money to base my entire sartorial lifestyle on these luxurious, but yes, comfortable pieces. 

Comfort can be a trap. If people get too comfortable with their clothes and their style, then there wouldn't be exploration and experimentation, half of what this whole fashion in large quantities issue is about. To those less concerned about what they wear every morning - although I'm convinced everyone is concerned about it, just to varying extents - the tyranny of style over comfort will probably forever and always puzzle them, and perhaps in that sense this article is merely catering to the masses. Even then, there are moments in time where everyone's judgement "lapses" and they fall into the delusional state of being where they want to look nice, impress others, and feel great about how they look despite the impracticalities of nightwalkers and mini-audieres (which really CANNOT store anything) . "Pain is temporary, glory is forever." To the girl who wore high heels to sight see around Taiwan and had to soak her feet in a warm bath at night just to get a few nice shots and present herself the way she wants to, pain is less of an issue. Just suck it up and enjoy everything else. 

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