216 - Expression Mechanism

"Dressed in her unsightly garb - an ill-fitting blue shirt with the words 'HERO' on the front that glowed in the dark, but were littered with small dots of mold; her school shorts and her father's slippers - Elizabeth bent into a pose more repulsive than her attire, her bottom sticking out on the right as her neck and torso craned to the left. Only after the haunting snap of the shutter lens did her muscles let up, and she rose up into a plain, standing pose. Throughout it all, a creature - we need to use 'creature' here, for the large disparity in looks between Elizabeth and her - pale and black stood motionless in front of her."
- Excerpts from 'Elizabeth's Journey to Superior Sartorial Slothdom: Interlude'

My mind has been splendidly blank and uninspired in recent months, but I'm hoping the excellent takeaway from Taiwan will leave me with something more to ponder on, and to provide you with. In the meantime, I hope my blog can at least suffice as the dry reading material before bedtime, perhaps a more modern alternative to Great Expectations, dare I say.

I spent the week before my leave to Taiwan working on an afternoon long (because the morning was spent deciding on an outfit - 3 hours, to decide on a plain black t-shirt, a plain black bandage skirt, and a pair of black boots. Honestly, fashion is an unforgiving, treacherous pain.) shoot for my friend's accessory blogshop, Kollidea, with Rachel again. I am an intensely awkward person in front of the camera - I was not born to model, I literally do the same few poses (not even several) for every outfit shoot I have, and let's just say having to take my boring pictures for 9 days in a row hasn't done much to inspire my brother, my photographer.

Damn, look at the number of expressions on this girl! The limited movement of my facial muscles and the minuscule nature of my eyes will forever, gratefully, prevent me from standing in front of the camera too long.  I'm not sure when my friend will put up the pieces from this shoot, but I'll do a small post when she does!

It's almost Christmas!

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