217 - DIY: Santa Under Wraps

I would call this a two-part DIY post, but that's stretching the truth. It's about a 1.5-part diy post, and if you're a quick worker it'll take you less than half an hour altogether. I got these simple ideas while I was in Taiwan, so I had to rush down to Chinatown on Christmas Eve to get the materials. Which would also account for the unfortunate, late timing for this post. But fret not dear hobbits, for Chinese New Year also enjoys its more than fair share of red.

Part 1: About half a yard of 3 strings: I chose 2 of the same thickness and one of the thinner, and it only cost me around $2. The spikes I ordered from Taobao, but if you head down to People's Park Complex you should be able to find some of similar variety. 

Ignoring my absolute laziness to take off the tape at the ends of the string, just bind one end of all three strings together with several dozen loops of thread so that you can start braiding! If anything, the fact that I can only braid and do nothing else is reminiscent of how I do absolutely nothing to my hair except wear a cap when I really need a change. Laziness, such a prevalent quality. It's pretty important to get these type of spikes (neither am I sure that there are other types), so you can slot the screws in between the holes from the bottom and screw the spike in from the top. 

After you're done, just do the thread binding at the other end as well, and you can bind a simple string or a chain to the ends so you can wear it as a necklace. Which is actually what this is meant to be, but as long as you adapt the length it can even be a harness. If you're willing to braid that much.

Part 2: There is so little to say about this DIY that there's not much to dignify this post space with. It's a simple ballerina addition with red ribbon, tied around the bottom of the shoe and past your ankles. Do you feel my desperate, pitiful attempt at writing text to fill the space?

I'll be posting my Christmas outfit shots with these simpleton (much like the current state of my catatonic brain) DIYs in the next post. Merry Christmas!

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