218 - Candy Cane

I don't think I got very imaginative with my Christmas outfit, but I really wanted to wear white, and I really wanted to wear shorts. The little red accents are all from my Taiwan trip in which I arrived home only on the 23rd - a red bag from the streets of Jiufen; and DIY shoes and necklace ideas spawned in the cramp time spent in a taxi and detached memories of cooling waterfalls and pink sunsets. 

See figure below for how much the ribbon can droop after stumbling your way along Holland Village in five-inch, toe squashing heels which I managed to get off Pia during the first bloggers' flea for only $20. I used it for the Shannon's Bouquet shoot, but this is the first time I'm actually taking these chunkies out for a run. 

"Her friend, Jazell, asked, 'Why don't you just go home?' when she found out that Elizabeth was spending her Christmas afternoon alone in Starbucks waiting for the evening to roll about. Our sartorial sloth had only one reply. 'Shoes.'"
- Excerpts from 'Sloth goes Festive'

I skipped out on all the photos of me posing with a garbage truck. I can do better than that. (P.s. I'll be away until the 3rd of January, but I have some posts scheduled!) 

Photos taken by Rachel
Taobao blazer; Editor's shirt; Giordano shorts; Flea shoes; Taiwan bag; Taiwan bracelets and armbands; DIY necklace and shoes

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