219 - II: Furry Dreams

"She got out of the cab, but her eyes strayed beyond the grand splendor of the hotel facade, to the perspectives of the street next to it. She gasped, without the dramatic action of bringing her hand to her mouth, of course. That was it."
- Excerpts from 'Sartorial Sloth Goes Global' 

It is my ultimate outfit of the day shoot location dream. The streets of Taiwan remind me so much of that of Japan, and it just screams La Mode Outre (Asian street style photography) to me. The ridiculously warm temperature on Day One prompted me to only wear two layers, and the deceitful hot feet soak the day before let me to blindly believe lower heels would be alright. Obviously, not.

Wet hair before breakfast. Emotionless faces before nutrition has been obtained. Me in fitting pants. 

Happy New Year! (I'll be away, without internet, until the 3rd of January!)

Taobao jacket; Editor's shirt; Uniqlo pants; Flea bag; Far East shoes


  1. Taipei! Awesome :) We've just got back in from Tokyo... it was way warmer in November, but nice and chilly now. Nice photos!

    1. The weather got much better when we went out of Taipei into the other areas, thank god! (: Thanks!