284 - Bright Lights, Iron Sights


The story behind these shots: My family had originally planned to head down to town to see the Christmas lights, but in a change of plans (and my father forgetting to bring along my heels and camera), I ended up back home later that night taking the shots in my carpark. 

Reciting my usual line when I'm tired of posing for photos (and getting it right), "There's nothing Photoshop can't fix," I present to you badly photoshopped bright lights (read: bokeh textures) onto grainy night shots. Christmas is the best time of the year.

I wish I had a massive Christmas tree to pose with.

Taobao white blazer; Taobao printed shirt; Editor's shorts; Zara shoes; thescarletroom clutch; Editor's & Taiwan necklaces

283 - Hey Sister


This probably makes my fourth time wearing this pair of vintage Burberry culottes, for simple reason that I just find it immensely hard to pair. Still oscillating between labeling it a failure or a semi-success.

Although the fact that these pair of culottes (from the ages of my mother) are still of better quality than certain articles of clothing I'm buying nowadays does brings up the question of The Price Tag (capitalized for dramatic effect). Is it really worth it? The closet life (do you call it shelf life?) is evidently and undoubtedly much longer (perhaps not proportionately, I wouldn't have the time to tell), and if you indulge in classic pieces like these, they may just be worth it.

Then again, with the Burberry print on everything from ripoff bags to picnic mats and foldable umbrellas, I doubt many people really think I'm wearing the real deal. (That's an entirely different ballgame altogether: Does it matter?)

It's hard to un-see the CCTV camera in the corner.

Photos taken by Thalia
Editor's crop pullover; Burberry vintage culottes; Taiwan boots; Taiwan diamante necklace; Taiwan sling bag

282 - Happiest Place on Earth

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I will attempt to make up for my long absence with a more traditional, and less than conventional photo of my classmate in Bhutan's national dress, the kira, together with the wonju (the long sleeved white blouse inside) and the toego outside. This exact set-up is also what female students wear to school, with different patterns and colors accounting for different school uniforms. (I'm not sure how they survive through summer, really)

(Do you feel more culturally educated now?)

Hopefully I'll be able to get some proper outfit posts up soon, or at least a few designs (that sounds much more plausible), but I'm hoping my fashion for passion (a phrase so apt, yet leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth from how juvenile it is) will return when I go to Spain and Portugal later this month! Holla, Zara. 

(Also, I find it immensely funny that I'm tagging this post "street style")

281 - Free/Wild


It's beginning to say something when you have rows of high heels lining up, waiting to be taken out, but you decide to impulse buy another pair of Nike Free Runs and immediately wear them. Comfort over style, or a compromise? 

To be quite honest I was just lazy - an hour after I took these shots I just packed the necklace and the blazer into my bag and went through the rest of my day in t-shirt, shorts and track shoes, much much more comfortable. I foresee the closure of this blog HAHAHA kidding.

Taobao blazer; Uniqlo t-shirt; Mango shorts; Nike Free Runs; Taobao necklace; Flea bag

280 - BASSIKE FW2014

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I stumbled across Australian-based Bassike's Fall Winter 2014 collection the other week, and I've been meaning to post about it. Clean silhouettes, no frills cuts and seams, and an appreciation for neutral tones (which the photography does much to highlight). Sophisticated flip-flop design, perhaps: Tweaking the basics, using the right fabrics (speckled wool, smooth leather), jumping on the avant garde/androgynous silhouette bandwagon, all while maintaining a homely, humble feel. 

Look at those slippers.

Images from Fashiongonerogue

279 - New Age


Promotional exams are finally over, so I'm running dry on reasons to put off updating this blog. In the spirit of renewed persistence, I managed to drag my butt down in the morning to take outfit shots by myself

And then I realized why I stopped doing it, it's close to impossible. Which is also why I only have two photos.

C.O. by Cotton On (which they unfortunately don't have anymore? Wasted) coat that I never took out because it doesn't fit well but it serves the purpose of a pretentious shoulder warmer; new shirt from Taobao (see instagram); and my pair of Zara holographic heels I bought on my birthday that I've been dying to bring out. Not just yet, it seems.

Hopefully I'll be back to posting at least once a week?

C.O. by Cotton On coat; Taobao shirt; Editor's pleather shorts; Zara heels; Taiwan necklace

278 - Stomach Pains

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An apt title, in relation to the poses I decided to do - hands across my stomach - and my actual state-of-being after a birthday meal at Equinox. (Later on we realized we should have made a reservation on a Saturday instead, because the national day rehearsals were going on and that'd equal a free fireworks show) Obviously I'm losing some touch at prose writing, but I reckon the essence of it remains and you're getting my point.

I've had this outfit stocked up in my mental sartorial checklist for a really long time, albeit with shorts instead of a skirt, but I've never found anywhere semi-formal enough (with adequate air-conditioning) to wear it to. Cha-ching, Equinox. (Our wallets too) Best steak I've eaten in a long time.

Happy National Day! 

Taobao blazer; ASOS brown outerwear (?); Uniqlo black tee; Zara asymmetrical chiffon skirt; Taobao heels; Taiwan diamante necklace

277 - Natural Element

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"Why don't you stand there and take your shots?"
"I'm wearing WHITE SHOES, hello?!?"

Had lunch with my #singlegirlsclub (no longer in Paris) at Food For Thought the other day, and made an ode to our trip with the shirt I bought from the men's department in H&M along Champs Elysees on the first day we got there. Every piece of clothing has a story to tell, right? Also, a uniquely masochistic quality of mine - deciding to pile on the layers in Singapore (the blazer is quilted on the inside) rather than in Paris when the weather could be half, or even a third of our local temperature. 

It was also my birthday on Friday, and we celebrated that by blowing $200 on Taobao and buying a gorgeous new pair of shoes from Zara's sale (hashtag, #birthdayluck) that are forcing me to reconsider my closet and churn out some less plebeian outfits. One month of waiting before Christmas arrives early, from China.

Photos by Thalia
Taiwan houndstooth blazer; H&M Men printed t-shirt; Zara shorts; Taobao shoes; ASOS cross-body bag; Taiwan & Editor's necklaces

276 - Paris Rues - Deux [Paris 2013]

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The second bulk of my amateur Paris street style photos, friends edition. Once more featuring Jessica, this time round as well there's Bradley, Sabrina and Thalia, my dedicated photographer for the span of 9 days, and many more to come. Seems odd enough that I couldn't take advantage of the much more advantageous and amiable weather in Paris - averaging around 15°C - to layer and wear longs, but once I'm back in Singapore I'm piling on the blazers as if the temperature isn't more than doubled. Sartorial Sadism? Catchy.

275 - Exterior and Interior [Paris 2013]

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A courthouse and.. a garden. One too many stunning places for #ootd shoots, and unfortunately plebeian looks. I tried my best. It's still my dream to get my hands on a silver jacket and pull off a totally silver look. These "gardens" were at the college we visited for lectures in the morning, Sciences Po. There was supposed to be reception and food for us indoors - with really great quiche and pesto pasta that I had multiple servings of - but the greenery outside and the cold, refreshing air looked too tempting. 

Fields of tiny daisies and walls of plants, with an amazingly apt silver pipe running along the bottom.

Photos by Thalia
Zara pleather jacket; Editor's silver pullover; Soeurs silver shorts; Nike Free Runs; Taiwan diamante necklace

274 - Pretentious [Paris 2013]

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It's pretty hard to get a photo more pretentious than this - posing with a random bike on a cold, post-rainy morning in a black leather jacket, posthumously desaturizing the photo to end up with some hardcore biker chic-ery

Someone told me that the weather forecast said it'd be warmer that day, and we were heading to the Garden of Versailles, so I opted for shorts (no comment about the leather) and tossed on the new H&M Men's shirt I got the day before at Champs Elysees. It was a nerve-wracking half an hour trying to figure out if I should 'splurge' 20 euros on it, and if Singapore would have it at a cheaper price. I haven't seen it yet, so I guess I made the right decision.

Photos by Thalia
Zara pleather jacket; H&M Men sporty t-shirt; Editor's pleather shorts; Nike Free Runs; Taiwan diamante necklace; Lacquar studded wristband

273 - My Name is Arnold [Paris 2013]

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The chance to go Paris led to a subsequent tip-off by a sister of my classmates', telling us where in Marais we could find good vintage shops. And last-minute circumstance dictating a one-hour-only free-and-easy time led to us running around the streets, and myself never having been so glad to bring track shoes. (Once more, blessed be the athletic trend)

I managed to walk out of one of the shops (not the one recommended - it seemed to have packed up) with a "real leather" (claims the label) biker jacket that is much too hot for Singapore, but much too unique and a steal (of 15 euros) to leave on the shelf. So I wore it the next day.

(Other lovely finds included a leather skirt, and an ill-fitting army shirt that is sitting forlornly in my closet.)

Photos by Thalia
Vintage leather jacket; H&M Men's shirt; Editor's pleather shorts

272 - Steeped

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It's that kind of post that makes you doubt whether I have any actual, worthy content to share with you - but arguably, these are some radical shoes. Solestruck's recent sale and my unfulfilled shopaholic hunger led to a diversion of time away from studying for my exams, and scouring pages of shoes instead. These caught my eye, but they also bypass my measly wallet. 

Top left, we have the WXY Fighter in white; followed by some Japanese inspired clogs (a much more minimalist take, I approve) the Trippen Ajar; and a handy substitute mirror on your feet (wouldn't that make an interesting #ootd shot: attempting to do some yoga while touching up your make-up) with the Invisible Shoes by Andreia Chaves; and classic United Nude genius in the form of Tulip Hi in Black.

Bottom right we have a precarious balance of ingenuity and suicidal tendencies, with 116-79 by Finsk; and the star of the show, another shoe by Andreia Chaves, the Naked Shoe; another balancing act (I reckon this makes you look like you float even more than the ubiquitous Simone Rocha rip-offs everywhere) by Martinez Lierah; and the gorgeous shoes for David Koma's last show - an ode to Anubis - in collaboration with Alain Quilici

271 - The Paris Rues - Un [Paris 2013]

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It's everywhere. I can't pinpoint if it's just the people, or the weather, or the foreign city, but everyone seems to have something compelling and striking about themselves to showcase. You can't miss a moment. (Too many of which, I have.) In the meantime then, enjoy some of my 'streetstyle' photos - all looking like this because I was being much too of a wimp to approach anyone to ask for shots. 

Also, special feature of one of my best companions for the trip (#singlegirlsinparis) Jessica!

270 - Rad Athleticism

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The star of this photo being the (very appropriately Nike, to go with my shoes) ankle guard I borrowed off a friend for my Paris trip. 

Perhaps, implicitly, athletics (and athleticism) has always been a core part of fashion - if you partake in the sector of people who believe in sport shoes and not salads. It remains, however, that it's become a trend - the ubiquitous Korean style of (petite) girls wearing sports shoes with their skater skirts and puffy eyebags; statement neon running shoes; or the athletic over-sized shirts and bombers penetrating the market. (The former of which I succumbed and bought my second piece from the men's department in H&M)

Ankle guards were a far cry... until Versace brought out their menswear S/S 2014 collection. I may just be on the right track in predicting trends. Versace has dictated the most multi-functional and democratic accessory for next season - sports tape. Sprained ankles are no longer a hindrance to sartorial superiority, people. (Side note: I wonder how well heels would go with ankle guards...)

Dubious or ingenious? Million dollar question.

Photo taken by Thalia
Images from Versace Facebook