221 - Senseless Shopping

I love browser shopping on SSENSE, and I haven't done one of these in so long. The ubiquitous post of "What I want but I cannot afford, yet I shall post it anyway." This time, there is an extra topping of "It is on sale, up to 70%, yet I still cannot afford it." Life can be such a delicious donut.

Alone and sitting at the top, Surface to Air took a machete and hacked off - just kidding. Black booties with cut outs that could make stepping over some ledges a bit of a problem. Down below, the stunner of the crowd, Kenzo black marbled wedge booties. Every expensive cloud comes with a silver lining: Kenzo's is the slight perspex strip running down the middle of the heel. Je t'aime! *say it with a ridiculous, boisterous fake Frenchy accent*

I'm emphasizing, everyone, needs a pair of hardcore boots that scream "Don't bother me or I will neigh and kick like a horse!" Lanvin's black metallic platform boots do the trick easily enough. Two hooves for the centaur of a human (cough James McAvoy). Read this: "Body: 60% calfskin, 30% viscose, 10% silk. Sole: 100% leather. Made in Italy." Feel the rumble in your tummy and imagine the sensual touch at your fingerpads....

Moving on: More silver pumps, this time from Yves Saint Laurent (not Saint Laurent Parissss) with purple mirror heels and platform. Easy addition of color for any absolutely monochromatic wardrobe like mine. The only debt you'll need to settle with this 3.1 Phillip Lim Vendetta clutch is with the ketchup and fries you swore not to eat last Friday, which also explains your pimple breakout. And for that, Maison Martin Margiela gives you the huge powder puff clutch to store all your artificial beauty needs. Oui? Oui.

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