222 - Amnesia

"She took out a PHP500 bill, seeing that the price-tag on the necklace was close to 400. The cashier, a young, smiley man, took the necklace and said, 'I think this is PHP98, let me check.' And it can sworn upon everyone present at that time - which came up to the grand total of 3 - that our sloth's eyes widened just a little, and widened a lot when he confirmed the price. If she had any reservations about buying the necklace, it all went down away while the extra money flew back into her wallet."
- Excerpts from 'Sartorial Sloth Goes Global'

Pleasantly surprised yet innately enraged that I managed to wake up between the wee hours of seven and eight the day after returning home from an exhausting trip for Philippines (which was not helped by copious amounts of fast food ingested - see the next figure for double chin alert.) And the excerpts from my yet-to-be-published-probably-somewhere-in-2045 book are true, I got this amazing necklace for around $3, and it has, in 2 days, jumped to the top of my Favorite Necklace List. And up the Favorite Jacket list has this pleather jacket I scored from Zara Men in Taipei 101 during my vacation earlier in December jumped. 

I swear, this is the only pair of circle sun disks that can satisfactorily fit my face. Mother called them "cute".

Photos taken by Shauna
Zara Men pleather jacket; Marks & Spencer shirt (dad's); Soeurs.co silver shorts; Monorain bag; Taipei boots; Taipei sunglasses; Editor's metal fringe necklace; Chemistry (Philippines) silver necklace


  1. hi was jus wondering if you could do a post on how you take ur photos? they are so niceeee :)

    1. Haha thank you! My photos are not the best, but I'll try to find some time to do a quite info-ish tutorial soon (:

    2. Yay! hope to see it soon. cus i've always been wondering for the longest time if its the camera/lens or just photoshop ^^