224 - Little Black

If you recognize the place, it's from my outfit of the day shot a few months back here. I flung myself across the island to the airport for the 5th time in a month, to meet Sean of horse.weave for a collaboration shoot. It was the most efficient shoot I have ever done - we wrapped up the slightly over 3 outfits in less than two hours. Sweet joy, I managed to get back home before my expected time of 8. 

"Kleine Zwarte" is my risky, Google translation of "little black" into its Dutch counterpart. There isn't much to say, beyond the fact that it was a lot less no frills because a) I didn't have to deal with makeup; b) I didn't have to deal with styling; and c) I didn't have to deal with the fickle baby rays of the sun. Do head over to Sean's blog to see the other half of the teasers!

Styling | Sean of horseweave
Clothes & Accessories | Sean & Elizabeth
Photography | Elizabeth of rednotion
Editing | Elizabeth of rednotion

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