225: III - Blow Wind Blow

We broke our taxi driver's umbrella, given out of the pure goodness of his heart and the harsh winds of the sea. It drizzled slightly, and I was more than happy to accommodate the turbulent weather if it meant such nice outfit shots in the end. And, it also justified me wearing three layers. I count that as four birds with one stone. Also, this was followed by a well-deserved trip to Starbucks, on the day my brother coincidentally wore his 'Starbucks' T-shirt. Coughembarrassingcough. See the next photo for ultimate underage pseudo-pregnancy-scare shots. Cheers.

And a moving, breathtaking shot... of my hands.

bysi blazer; Zara pullover; Editor's shirt; Uniqlo pants; Clarks desert boots; Flea bag


  1. http://www.theeditorsmarket.com/product_detail.php?id=3889

    what are your thoughts on this skirt <:

    1. Hahaha I saw that when I went to editor's the other day! But it's really super short and honestly I have no idea how people wear such short skirts :<