226 - Astronaut Tendencies

"You look like a piece of foil!" No, for real. This is the by product of one too many shirts with terrible necklines and ghastly prints, and a yard of silver pleather that is used only for the most somber of MMM x H&M counterfeits, and a failed neck-piece that still hangs forlornly as a skeleton in my closet I'd rather be Narnia. I ever read somewhere not to take shots in the middle of the day when the sun is totally out, but I figured light from all directions plus a mirror on my chest would hide the obscenities of my sewing machine to a surprising extent. Your reflection on my chest, bro.

It's simple enough to make - just buy pleather, or whatever fabric, cut off the front panel of your shirt, generally outline the shape of the panel, cut, and sew. And if you're working with pleather or other fabrics that don't fray, you get a Superior Sartorial Sloth silver (because silver is the new gold) star, because you don't have to hem the collar. And what this means, fellow astronauts, is that I have a quick-step solution to my 6-month-long dream of pulling off an entirely silver outfit. Talk about unimaginative. 

Either way, I count this as baby steps to technical masterdom in my currently non-existent fashion design hobby-to-hopefully-turn-career.

Photos taken by Jazell
DIY shirt; Uniqlo berms; Monorain bag; Taipei shoes; Taipei sunglasses

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