231 - IV: Mental Blossoms

While my parents were busy doing the logistical nightmare that is checking in, I couldn't wait to go outside our hotel at Hualien, Taipei to take shots at this small park. If this is what it looks like during "winter", I'm dying to come here in Spring. I reckon this is the thickest outfit I wore throughout the whole holiday, but I think it paid off in helping me sleep during the two over hours of train ride. One can only watch the passing scenery and list to Michael Buble herald the angels for so long.

Also, here's a gif(t). That probably answers your question to the title of "Mental Blossoms".

Really such a beautiful place.

Editor's Market white collared shirt; Zara pullover; Taobao faux fur jacket; Editor's culottes; Clarks desert boots; Flea bag

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