234 - V: Fall's Fools

"'What is she wearing?' said the Mother; 'I don't know, ask her," said the Father. Of course, our Sartorial Sloth of a hero heard that. 'I don't care!' was the only verbal response, accompanied by the gesture of a hand. It was that gesture, the hand moving away from the side of her face, as if flippantly swatting the metaphorical fly of sartorial ignorance."
- Excerpts from 'Conversations from, and about, the Sartorial Sloth'

(I have come up with yet another imaginary, fictional, and utterly ridiculous non-existent book about myself) More than halfway done with the outfit shots from my Taiwan trip back in December 2012. This was taken at the Taroko National Park in Hualien, at the entrance to a walking route my family was too lazy to attempt. The unfortunate gathering of my blazer has given me a more than voluptuous chest -cough-, and a beautiful lack of neck. What's the opposite of a giraffe? I feel like a hippopotamus. 

I cannot express how much I miss being able to discover amazing, unique photo spots in Taiwan, unlike our incredibly unique (because everyone else in the world is unique), and artificial landscape. 

Zara Men pleather jacket; Taobao panelled blazer; Mango t-shirt; Uniqlo pants; Clarks desert boots; Flea bag

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