236 - Eudon Choi S/S 2013

all images from Vogue.com

I don't know if I'm too late on this Spring review thing, but two days of complete rest from anything remotely intellectual on my mind, too many outfit posts, and too little substantiated content has generated a need to review something. Eudon Choi is one of those designers I am so glad to have picked out among the hundreds of messy names and labels each season, and be immensely rewarded in return. I've put him on the back-burner for some time, but each occasion I go back to see the runway photos I am struck by how sublimely perfect it is. 

The first thing that struck me about the collection was how organic it seemed, even though as you progress through the looks, it isn't. The silhouettes are long and slim, A-lined and not too constricting, light yet intense enough to make a statement. Drawing his inspiration from 2001: A Space Odyssey, there's a slight futurism in the designs, evident through his unique mix of textures and fabrics. Perforated, absolutely ubiquitous this spring; a mix of emboss, oil sheen and plastic fur; holographic fabrics and orange dots, and a nice, futuristic take on the perforated trend by using holographic silver as the background. 

The only thing that left a slight bitter taste in my metaphorical mouth was the way he used a certain satin-like silver fabric (see the right most look in the first image). It projects a certain image that is too laid-back and perhaps ill-fitted - I can't stop the image of over sized boxing shorts surfacing in my mind. The seeming monochrome of the collection at the beginning is well-balanced by the end with a neon coral and blue (a seemingly popular color this season), which worked well with the patent fabrics and paneling that was omnipresent through the entire collection.

After launching is AW 2012-2013 collection exclusively at Selfridges, this is another step ahead for Eudon Choi, who I am happily looking out during the upcming fall 2013-2014 shows. 

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