238 - Free Runners

These are a few of my favorite things outfits and shots ever. Dropped by SPR MRKT on a Saturday morning to have brunch with my brothers, and I went all sporty and chic like that. (I also attended the Fashfix event after that with Lenne, Charlene, and Claris) Nike Free Runs that weren't the top of my lust list when I bought them, but I've come to love them, even the imperfect neon orange-pink highlights that disturb the harmony of monochrome glory. In the middle, spam on the silver" Silver top, silver shorts, silver necklaces. How could I ever have been obsessed with gold?

There is reward in waiting. I almost bought this drop shoulder blazer from Cotton On online at $70, but resisted on the account of having spent too much money already, but a week later there was a 70% sale and I honestly cannot resist a $20 blazer. Major tipping point. In fact, I ordered 3 items, and they were all different sizes, but luckily all fit me just the way I'd like them to. Sartorial Luck. Patent that. 

The absolutely right decision for my feet on a day where I had to be out for over 10 hours on them. 

C.O. by Cotton On drop shoulder blazer; DIY silver pleather shirt; Soeurs.co silver shorts; Nike Free Runs; Editor's metal fringe naklce; Taiwan diamante necklace; Taiwan pleather cap; Taobao panda bag

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  1. Absolutely loving this outfit! After I came home from Fashfix's event I had to go and check out your blog! Loving it so far.

    x Mariana | www.goingteen.blogspot.com