242 - No Wrong With White

I have a saying that keeps repeating in my head now, and it goes "It's like you can do no wrong with white." I suspect this will only last a season or two, but let me seize the expression while it still maintains true in my head. In some sense, white is infinitely better than black because if you're a layering-obsessed (I will not label myself a freak) individual like myself, then it becomes much easier to see because of the shadows, instead of dealing with the mighty black.

Three shows that instantly spoke to me, and carried a great deal of do-no-wrong-with-white looks: LacosteDiesel Black Gold and Calvin Klein; all of which have become fast favorites every season because of the generally clean and easy looks they put out. Above, sporty is the thing (like we needed to know that) with Lacoste, and I love the translucent coat - something I've been hunting for months but to no avail. And the best part is, they brought back the translucent coats for their AW2013 collection as well. Score. 

Second up - Diesel Black Gold, with luscious white fabrics, generally uptown girl look, and some avant garde thrown into the mix if you squint hard enough. The second look is one of my favorites - the essentially casual vibe with the loose pants that is managed by the well tailored white biker jacket that is fundamentally impractical in any closet, yet is equally proportional to how much we desire it. 

I'm not a declared fan of the big buttons and the denim jacket look, despite the less than humble fabric (which I very much approve of), but the layering is perfection, and the rope shoes could probably be DIY-ed if you spent a substantial amount of time thinking about how to get around it and finding the right materials. Perhaps I'll find some time to do it.

Last and definitely not least, Calvin Klein, which easily makes it to the 'favorites' list of Spring 2013 shows, and just picking out the all white bits of it don't do it enough justice. It has such sublime deconstructed tailored detail to it it's ironically genius. They didn't send down totally white looks, because everything was hinted by a line or two of black which was resourcefully brilliant in giving everything an artificial and graphic dimension to it. 

I could honestly do with the first blazer anytime, and the pairing of the off-kilter sleeves and the all-white portfolio clutch with a dash of fierce gold hardware killed it in the second photo. I'll be ignoring the two-fifths of my closet that is black this season, and hopefully building up on the other spectrum of the monochrome scale.

all images from Vogue.com

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