243 - Keep It Gully

A glimpse of certain design elements that have been stuck in my head recently, along with the white that can do no wrong (refer to my previous post). This just goes to show you how many different designs can be drawn up from a mere idea or key inspiration that you want to incorporate. I don't think I've found the perfect fit yet, but for a start these four represent something close. Keep It Gully - listen to it. Most exciting yet perhaps disappointing Diplo track to date. The frenzy I had when I first listened to the teaser... 

If you follow me on instagram (@rednotion) you'll get a few outfit shots now and then again when a) I'm too lazy to bring a camera out; or b) The outfit isn't 'exciting' enough to bring a camera out for. Or once in a while you'll get outfit shots straight from my DSLR that I tend to put off posting for a week or two. Oops.

Top left: Threadless men's t-shirt; Taobao blazer; What Women Want necklace; H&M Men's sweatpants; Taiwan bag; Mango nude suede heels
Top right: Lacquar paneled long-sleeve shirt; Taiwan diamante necklace; H&M Men's sweatpants; H&M silver sandals
Bottom left: H&M pink blazer; Editor's shirt; Soeurs.co silver shorts; Taiwan bag and boots
Bottom right: BYSI blazer; C.O. by Cotton On active top; Editor's pleather shorts; Taiwan portfolio; Nike Free Runs 

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