237 - Flight Curve

(The quality here is terrible, but feel free to drag and drop, or click here to play it larger!)

In part, I call this the result of a joinder between lack of concrete inspiration, and the sporty vibe that's been seeping into my sartorial senses ever since I got myself a Nike Free Runs for school (and for outfits otherwise). Featuring: curved paneling, feather prints, perforated fabrics, piping, and a whole lot of white. Instead of putting it as 'I got casual', I reckon it sounds better as 'I got comfortable', because spending a whole day out has never felt so good, save the fact that my blazer was choking all the sweat out of me.

I stumbled across this amazing bird feather print while browsing deviantart, and after a few tweaks of colors I was left with a stunning graphic I wanted to incorporate. (P.s. you have no idea what terror panelling can be, I had 2 or 3 versions of some pieces just to decide which looked best) With a bit of free time on my hands, which I will attempt to treasure before the real hell called JC life starts, I made it into a dress-up game just for kicks. It's honestly not the most coordinate-able or pair-able collection I've ever made, but I guess you just get to play around with a few combinations. I find that the perforated pullover is the best layering piece. ^u^

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I'm still not satisfied with the quality of my designs, but it's a start to getting my inspiration and lightbulb-ideas-in-the-shower to come back. I've highlighted some of the more interesting pieces you won't understand just by looking at a 2D drawing, so do take a read below:

1: Short-sleeved body-con dress with print and perforated panels
2: White zipped culottes (unzip the top skirt layer to get 'shorts)
3: White shorts with white knee-length tights
4: White long-sleeved shirt with piped sleeves, perforated panels, and adjustable length function (the two strings down the torso can be pulled up and tied, so the shirt can change in length)
5: White knee-length pencil skirt with piping, layering and perforated panels
6: White perforated sleeveless top with pipings by the side
7: Paneled coat with perforated fabric and feather print
8: Perforated long-sleeve pullover
9: Sleeveless body-con dress with feather print and perforated panels
10: Short-sleeved shirt with feather print and perforated panels
11: Round-neck blazer with piping, layering and perforated panels
12: Piped, long-sleeve tunic/dress with adjustable length function
13: Multi-strapped wedge sandals with perforated fabric wrapped all over
14: White ankle strap kitten heels with perforated toe-cap and tied string
15: Feather print ankle strap kitten heels with tied string
16: Diamante necklace

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