256 - Plain & Easy


Happy Easter Sunday! Went down to Feed Lot at Nassim Road for lunch, and managed to take quick shots. For what it matters, I'm still alive after 4 days at Mount Ophir in Malaysia, albeit coming home with terribly scarred legs I had to photoshop off while editing the photos.

I have a lot of homework to finish. This is really taking a toll on my blog ):

Thescarletroom shirt dress; Rubi heels; Monorain bag; Taiwan & Philippines necklaces

255 - Scumbag Heat


"It's hot! It's damn hot! Take the phottttooooooo~" Singapore's heat has been getting worse and worse, so I won't deceive you and I'll just admit that this houndstooth blazer ended up in my handle for 90% of the time, the remaining 10% being only for these shots. Managed to snag it at a mad decent (soundcloud, anyone?) price of $20 in Taiwan, although it is quilted on the inside, and essential exists as a suicide garment  for any sartorial sloth living in the tropical region. 

I'll be in Mount Ophir (sartorial sloth is really experiencing the scumbag heat nowadays) for a class camp from Monday to Thursday, so this is all I can grace this blog with.

Back to term, all the best folks!

Photos by Ana
Taiwan houndstooth blazer; Editor's black t-shirt; BYSI green skirt; Taiwan boots

254 - Picasso Portraiture

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Stumbled across these amazing editorial-esque portraits mimicking Pablo Picasso's works by a Madrid-based photographer Eugenio Recuenco on Design Taxi the other day. Simply haunting and breathtaking. Visual sartorial fodder to get through the week.

(and perhaps, nothing is truly new, under the sun?)

253 - Counting Down


It's been quite a while since I've found adequate energy to do something nice on this blogspace, especially with school (and friends), and also Raffles Runway! <-- That's the CCA I'm in, and we're putting up a show in mid May (please keep the 11th open, peeps) for all the students to showcase the stuff they've been working on (let me fool you not, for the Year 5s it's only slightly over 2 months of hectic design and sewing). I'm probably only doing 2 outfits, scrapping the third one, especially since the first two are such heavy looks already, given my penchant for separates and general distaste for one-piece looks.

I've been doing updates - a picture (or two) a day on Instagram, so do follow me @rednotion! I can't let go of too many details, but I've got draping to do, and please, sartorial gods bless my inexperienced soul, because while I've been 'designing' for over 4 years, I haven't ever sewn a proper garment from scratch. 

(Honestly, the seamstress I managed to get a short consultation session from left me with one message: "You need a lot of skill." How do I do these pants? "You need a lot of skill..." How do I do this? "You need bias tape.. it takes a lot of skill.")

On a serious note, I'm honestly crazy pumped up about this (despite being amateur) show and putting out real looks, especially since I've limited everything to 2d designs for as long as I can remember, and it's a nice, great big leap forward for me. Stressed, but invariably excited. 

252 - DION LEE F/W 2013

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The Dion Lee F/W2013 trunkshow ends tonight, but for citizens like us who, no matter how long the trunkshow lasts, will not actually partake, appreciation lasts forever. Dion Lee is a joy for me to discover every season (and I recommend you like his Facebook page, because it really gives you sweet, juicy updates) and he didn't fail to disappoint this time round either. Remained to his aesthetic, kept us on the edge of our seats. 

Of particular interests are his talent at making simple yet unique designs, like the sail tux skirt in the header image, as well as the weather prints - like the satellite image of clouds. The best part about any of Dion Lee's collections is just the versatility of the pieces - all the garments can be mixed and matched to a million possibilities and all of them will still end up decadently decent. (High-slit skirt, anyone?)

Dion Lee does magic every season, and his choice of fabrics is particularly key to this time as well: the moire, a combination of black and white perforation; and the scaffold, the ingenious gradient netting. Clean yet sophisticated surprises, with emphasis placed on the fantastical nature of the fabrics itself rather than trying to complicate the designs. Less is truly more.

All images from Moda Operandi 

251 - IMA READ

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It hasn't hit me that I actually have to produce real articles of clothing for the show in May, and that I have less than a month to do it with literally no experience under my metaphorical belt. My recent delusional, blanked out states have also been responsible for my absence from this blog. Hopefully I'll be able to give you guys some of my own pictures (laugh) and updates from my new foray into area of "less paper and more fabric". Needles crossed.

all images taken from Facebook

250 - VII: Rooftops

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I'm questioning how I managed to maintain this blog throughout the whole of last year, because JC life is really killing the energy when I get home - the computer is hardly touched unless I plan on doing some work, or not the bed is a much more comfortable and preferable choice.

Back to Taiwan; this was taken in Jiufen, in arguably one of the most beautiful places we stayed in - a bed & breakfast. For some unintelligible reason or another, we actually woke up at 5.30 in the morning to watch the sun rise, which ended up with me cocooning in a blanket out on the balcony in the freezing morning cold. I will never ever see such beautiful shades of dawn in Singapore though.

Most awkward photo ever - butts sinking like Titanic - and TGIF, people. T, G, I, F.

Taobao fur jacket; Taobao paneled blazer; Editor's white shirt; Editor's culottes; Editor's necklace; Clarks shoes

249 - Finishing Touches

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I've recently had the pleasure of making acquaintance with Sau Fen of Heads of State Millinery, who has got me thinking about the role of accessories in the industry. More often than not, fashion brings to mind the image of clothing less than accessories; yet they play just as important a role.

"Accessories complete the look" - my collection of accessories is by no means extensive (in relation to some others, and they remain mostly monotone, just like the rest of my closet), mainly because I've gone through sartorial phases that have left me desiring a cleaner, no frills look. There was a time when I used to admire guys for being able to pull off a clean look no matter what they wore, whereas no matter how simply a girl dressed, to me it looked like too much was going on (perhaps the hair?). 

I've realized that simplicity doesn't need to happen by going bare. End of 2011, my go-to was a chunky black necklace; mid 2012, studded wristbands and spikes everywhere; end 2012, eccentric and colorful, I reckon just for the pseudo-Christmas spirit; and my current go-to for any outfit right now, any silver or diamante necklace that goes well with collared shirts.

On a side note, a picture of my broad feet - which causes much terror when buying heels - and a portfolio clutch I got back in Taiwan from the men's section, for which I needed my brother to magnanimously suggest that we "share" the bag as a "laptop case". Indeed explaining why it has sat in my closet every since we returned.

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248 - VI: Live Your Life

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Find your lie, don’t hide from what you are 
And rise before you fall, 
And hope for something more 
Live if you really want to 
Live if you really want to 
Live if you really want to 

 All my life, I’ve been looking for something amazing 
It’s almost like I’ve been star gazing 
The sky is riding above me 
Oh, oh, oh 
We were meant for something bigger than this 
Don’t ever try to dismiss yourself 
Cause you don’t have to lose

Recalled that I still haven't finished posting all of my Taiwan outfit posts (are they getting more boring now?). Live Your Life by Yuna has been the anthem of my life recently. Have a great weekend, guys!

Zara Men pleather jacket; Zara pullover; Editor's Market white shirt; Uniqlo pants; Clarks shoes; Flea bag; Editor's Market necklace