248 - VI: Live Your Life

Find your lie, don’t hide from what you are 
And rise before you fall, 
And hope for something more 
Live if you really want to 
Live if you really want to 
Live if you really want to 

 All my life, I’ve been looking for something amazing 
It’s almost like I’ve been star gazing 
The sky is riding above me 
Oh, oh, oh 
We were meant for something bigger than this 
Don’t ever try to dismiss yourself 
Cause you don’t have to lose

Recalled that I still haven't finished posting all of my Taiwan outfit posts (are they getting more boring now?). Live Your Life by Yuna has been the anthem of my life recently. Have a great weekend, guys!

Zara Men pleather jacket; Zara pullover; Editor's Market white shirt; Uniqlo pants; Clarks shoes; Flea bag; Editor's Market necklace

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