249 - Finishing Touches

I've recently had the pleasure of making acquaintance with Sau Fen of Heads of State Millinery, who has got me thinking about the role of accessories in the industry. More often than not, fashion brings to mind the image of clothing less than accessories; yet they play just as important a role.

"Accessories complete the look" - my collection of accessories is by no means extensive (in relation to some others, and they remain mostly monotone, just like the rest of my closet), mainly because I've gone through sartorial phases that have left me desiring a cleaner, no frills look. There was a time when I used to admire guys for being able to pull off a clean look no matter what they wore, whereas no matter how simply a girl dressed, to me it looked like too much was going on (perhaps the hair?). 

I've realized that simplicity doesn't need to happen by going bare. End of 2011, my go-to was a chunky black necklace; mid 2012, studded wristbands and spikes everywhere; end 2012, eccentric and colorful, I reckon just for the pseudo-Christmas spirit; and my current go-to for any outfit right now, any silver or diamante necklace that goes well with collared shirts.

On a side note, a picture of my broad feet - which causes much terror when buying heels - and a portfolio clutch I got back in Taiwan from the men's section, for which I needed my brother to magnanimously suggest that we "share" the bag as a "laptop case". Indeed explaining why it has sat in my closet every since we returned.

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