252 - DION LEE F/W 2013

The Dion Lee F/W2013 trunkshow ends tonight, but for citizens like us who, no matter how long the trunkshow lasts, will not actually partake, appreciation lasts forever. Dion Lee is a joy for me to discover every season (and I recommend you like his Facebook page, because it really gives you sweet, juicy updates) and he didn't fail to disappoint this time round either. Remained to his aesthetic, kept us on the edge of our seats. 

Of particular interests are his talent at making simple yet unique designs, like the sail tux skirt in the header image, as well as the weather prints - like the satellite image of clouds. The best part about any of Dion Lee's collections is just the versatility of the pieces - all the garments can be mixed and matched to a million possibilities and all of them will still end up decadently decent. (High-slit skirt, anyone?)

Dion Lee does magic every season, and his choice of fabrics is particularly key to this time as well: the moire, a combination of black and white perforation; and the scaffold, the ingenious gradient netting. Clean yet sophisticated surprises, with emphasis placed on the fantastical nature of the fabrics itself rather than trying to complicate the designs. Less is truly more.

All images from Moda Operandi 

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