253 - Counting Down

It's been quite a while since I've found adequate energy to do something nice on this blogspace, especially with school (and friends), and also Raffles Runway! <-- That's the CCA I'm in, and we're putting up a show in mid May (please keep the 11th open, peeps) for all the students to showcase the stuff they've been working on (let me fool you not, for the Year 5s it's only slightly over 2 months of hectic design and sewing). I'm probably only doing 2 outfits, scrapping the third one, especially since the first two are such heavy looks already, given my penchant for separates and general distaste for one-piece looks.

I've been doing updates - a picture (or two) a day on Instagram, so do follow me @rednotion! I can't let go of too many details, but I've got draping to do, and please, sartorial gods bless my inexperienced soul, because while I've been 'designing' for over 4 years, I haven't ever sewn a proper garment from scratch. 

(Honestly, the seamstress I managed to get a short consultation session from left me with one message: "You need a lot of skill." How do I do these pants? "You need a lot of skill..." How do I do this? "You need bias tape.. it takes a lot of skill.")

On a serious note, I'm honestly crazy pumped up about this (despite being amateur) show and putting out real looks, especially since I've limited everything to 2d designs for as long as I can remember, and it's a nice, great big leap forward for me. Stressed, but invariably excited.