255 - Scumbag Heat

"It's hot! It's damn hot! Take the phottttooooooo~" Singapore's heat has been getting worse and worse, so I won't deceive you and I'll just admit that this houndstooth blazer ended up in my handle for 90% of the time, the remaining 10% being only for these shots. Managed to snag it at a mad decent (soundcloud, anyone?) price of $20 in Taiwan, although it is quilted on the inside, and essential exists as a suicide garment  for any sartorial sloth living in the tropical region. 

I'll be in Mount Ophir (sartorial sloth is really experiencing the scumbag heat nowadays) for a class camp from Monday to Thursday, so this is all I can grace this blog with.

Back to term, all the best folks!

Photos by Ana
Taiwan houndstooth blazer; Editor's black t-shirt; BYSI green skirt; Taiwan boots


  1. oh man... i get what you mean. singapore is impossible for coats like this. i find myself guilty of buying coats cause i know it's unrealistic here. anyway, keep the great posts coming!

  2. Recently it's become more than unbearable, I'd say impossible hahahaha D: Thanks! (: