258 - A Possibility of Regret

These are perhaps a few of the most ubiquitous shoes on the blogger-sphere that have hit the online markets in the recent years - Alexander Wang's iconic, minimalistic, kitten heels. That says a lot about how much I have been coveting after it. Their cheaper counterparts from the land of Taobao, of course.

As gorgeous as these shoes are, however, I fear that they may be a little out of my comfort zone. Inverted-triangle legs, stubby legs, fat legs, do not usually bode well for kitten heels and thick ankle straps (author's note: beware!). And given my penchant for wearing shorts, the possibility of having to constant wear long pants to enjoy the occasion of bringing these shoes out is perhaps ruffling all the wrong feathers. But figuring out how to work these feet companions aside - for a challenge is always the impetus to breaking a new barrier in my slothful sartorial life (especially as of late) - these shoes are really well-made considering the price I paid for them; and kitten heels, despite their oxymoronic nature, are much more well and comfortable for going out as compared to their 5-inch complements.  

I think, if anything, this posts has served to illustrate one thing: I'm really running out of blog post ideas. 

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