265 - Heaven & Hell

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I'm not sure where to begin talking - it's been a bit too long since I've done anything remotely, seriously sartorial on this empty, online space. Here's an incentive for you to get through this laborious post: you get to read my classmates' (and most loyal supporters - I suppose anyone who recites your blog post to you the day after you post it constitutes as one) guest post masterpiece. If you can't beat them, join them. 

With RPROJECT finally over (and the subsequent Charity Auction at Millenia Walk the week after), I have no more excuses to put off the long-overdue post about my designs. At this point in time it would be useful to recall my numerous instagram updates taken in the midst of my work in the runway room, while having, for company, only a hot stud of a male mannequin. #singlegirlsclub

H E A V E N (female)
4 months back I posted a quick sketch of a few ideas I had for Heaven, and sadly to say they were way too ambitious for a first-timer. Eventually I toned everything down, scrapped the jacket, and went with an exceedingly simply done neckpiece made from the lace I managed to get from Chinatown (at none too a reasonable price). Sought something regal, something almost obnoxiously proud, and hopefully I managed to achieve something to that extent. (Although initially I felt it look too much like a cheongsam)
Lesson learnt: Crepe is a massive nonsense to work with.

H E L L (male)
To be quite honest, I couldn't come up with anything remotely acceptable for this design, until I watched Alex Clare's Too Close music video, which would explain why my model looked like he stepped out of Bleach. (I really toyed with the idea of giving him a sword) You can't see it, but the jacket is actually pretty well made.
Lesson learnt: Crepe is still nonsense.

The draft of Kevin, Shaun and Marc's guest post (that eventually got cancelled):
"I'm not sure where to begin talking - it's been a bit too long since I've done anything remotely, seriously sartorial on this empty, online space. I mean, it's not like anybody is reading right? (cue support from loyal readers)

It's time to talk about the outfits i laboured over in the runway room, while making out with the mannequin (don't tell anybody), the only thing that wants me. But...it's inanimate. My outfits are testament to my vast experience in the fashion industry and my god-given design talents.  The outfits are a product of solely my efforts, i mean, i am part of Runway after all. I trashed all the obstacles, i call this trash trashing trash.  

H E A V E N: the designs are all wonderfully made because i am rednotion and rednotion is awesome awwyeahhh

special thanks to photobook comm, minyi and daryl for the official lookbook photo.

264 - Somewhat Decently

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Brother: "You're wearing that out? But we're only going for breakfast.."
Me: "Yeah, but my blog is dead."
Hashtag #familysupport

One of those increasingly rare occasions where I manage to get myself dressed up somewhat decently (by that I mean not the usual t-shirt, shorts, sports shoes and leather jacket combo that has been dominating my sartorial life) and take some photos. Back at Duxton place for breakfast at The Plain with the family, and bringing out my inspired - isn't that a nicer word for knock-offs - Alexander Wangs I got off Taobao recently, because 5-inchers are really killing. 

Also, interesting fact about this pair of tan brown shorts I got off Zara 2 years ago (they have served me faithfully ever since) - they blend amazingly well with my skin, so I've gotten more than few remarks about how it looks like I'm not wearing shorts. Justification for the somewhat in the "Somewhat Decently" right there.

I also leave you with a picture of me touching my hair, again, because I just get so many comments about it from my friends. Thanks for your dedicated #support. (The sarcasm is really knocking me over)

Brother: "What's the use of the necklace if it's hidden?"
Me: "It's like a special surpri- just take the photo."

Taobao blazer; Zara shorts; Taiwan diamante necklace; Taobao shoes; Cotton On silver clutch

263 - Dreamweaver

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Collection by fashion textiles graduate Sadie Williams speaks of the importance of textile design and of surface and pattern, instead of merely silhouette. A collection based on one and only one silhouette - a column dress - that presents, instead, a myriad of looks with stunning visual texture. 

Read more on Fashionide.

262 - Paradise Lost.

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It's over. I say that with a note of finality tinged with sadness yet relief. Raffles Runway had our show, RPROJECT 2013: PARADISE LOST, yesterday at *SCAPE warehouse, and it was ultimate gold. It would be fair to say that having your first runway show ever (even if not 100% yours - I only showcased two looks, out of several dozen) is the most exciting and surreal experience I can ever have. We reported at 7, set-up the stage - inclusive of hand-drawing and painting the white boxes with our logo as decor -, had one full dress rehearsal, and two shows all in the span of a day.

Yet perhaps the most memorable moment was neither the start nor the end, but the hiccup in-between. My model, fellow designer and batch-mate had a leg cramp, and after a lot of heat spray, water and massaging, I sent her out barefoot. Sounds ridiculous - perhaps it looked even more ridiculous to the audience - but I knew she wanted to walk, and I wanted her to wear it. Couldn't ever be more thankful to have such an amazing model, Sandy. (On a more cheerful note, our back-up plan if she were to cramp halfway was for my guy model to toss his jacket down the stage, and sweep her off her feet. Kind of wanted to watch that macho scene happen.)

Unfortunately, I don't have any proper shot of my outfits down the runway, but I'll dig up some soon and talk about them for real. (Hopefully, this means I'm back her for good, and for frequency). To all the designers, models, helpers, family, friends and visitors who had some role in all this, thank you so much for making it happen! 

Hand-painting doesn't usually equate neatness.

Loads more photos under the cut --> 

261 - The New Black

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"She only has two poses - one, touching her hair; the other, not touching her hair." My wise words regarding my #ootd posts, told in 'confidence' to a friend, translated into ammunition for my amazing classmates who like to 'talk' to me about my blog. You can sense the feeling of sad reservation. 

On the other hand, the new black will always be black. Free block saw me trawling through SSENSE, once more reiterating my life regret of being "too poor for this world" (take that with a pinch of salt). Top left, pseudo-formal, but actually casual with Denis Gagnon, a new gem I've found midst the talented labels SSENSE usually stocks. Taking sporty and baroque to new heights (and eliciting puzzled exclamations from my less-sartorially educated male classmates), KTZ's carved platform shoes; rivaled only by more wood magic with Campbell's nubuck eggert heels.

My perennial obsession with Givenchy and its genius of a bag, the Antigona, still exists, especially when they decide to recreate it with subliminal but stunning emboss work; as well as the transparent Albertina podium heels, whose back-view is much more exciting than the front. Perhaps the only exception to the rule of black (nonetheless your computer screen's color temperature will deceive you to see them as such), Rick Owens' buffalo horn shield sunglasses are the practical, classier alternative to the coveted Alexander McQueen mirror visors.  And finally, what is black without "the little black dress"? (Gosh, cliches.) Deconstructed wonder with Lanvin's textured cutout dress, and sleek simplicity - we got to understand that less is more, people - with Hakaan's cut-out maple dress.

Forget about blue, black is the ultimate comfort color. 

260 - RPROJECT2013: Paradise Lost

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I will now take this post to explain my unruly absence from this blog (other than the fact that I now have new classmates who constantly tease me about this and shout "rednotion" in the middle of class - you know who you are): Raffles Runway will finally be holding their annual show, RPROJECT, next Saturday at *SCAPE Warehouse! Unfortunately (here's the catch) - tickets are mostly sold out, and only a few are remaining for the afternoon show. So if you've gotten yours, treasure them with great carefulness and view everyone else with a degree of mistrust and suspicion. I had trouble even ensuring enough for my family and outside-school friends.

The weeks have been crazy: doing last minute changes to the outfits (of which I only have two - a guy and girl pair); having a weekend totally dedicated to the photoshoot; having yet another photoshoot the weekend after for a charity side-project that will be going on the day itself; having full dress rehearsals on Labour Day; having the absolutely worst experience with InDesign while designing brochures -- I finally get a weekend's break to maintain this sad, empty white online space. 

I've been lugging my camera around, so I have lots of photos and footage I'll only be at liberty to post after the show, so if you were planning to give up hope on this sad, empty white online space, at least stay for another week or so. Do check out our official website at RafflesRunway.net and our instagram as well!

See you there!