260 - RPROJECT2013: Paradise Lost

I will now take this post to explain my unruly absence from this blog (other than the fact that I now have new classmates who constantly tease me about this and shout "rednotion" in the middle of class - you know who you are): Raffles Runway will finally be holding their annual show, RPROJECT, next Saturday at *SCAPE Warehouse! Unfortunately (here's the catch) - tickets are mostly sold out, and only a few are remaining for the afternoon show. So if you've gotten yours, treasure them with great carefulness and view everyone else with a degree of mistrust and suspicion. I had trouble even ensuring enough for my family and outside-school friends.

The weeks have been crazy: doing last minute changes to the outfits (of which I only have two - a guy and girl pair); having a weekend totally dedicated to the photoshoot; having yet another photoshoot the weekend after for a charity side-project that will be going on the day itself; having full dress rehearsals on Labour Day; having the absolutely worst experience with InDesign while designing brochures -- I finally get a weekend's break to maintain this sad, empty white online space. 

I've been lugging my camera around, so I have lots of photos and footage I'll only be at liberty to post after the show, so if you were planning to give up hope on this sad, empty white online space, at least stay for another week or so. Do check out our official website at RafflesRunway.net and our instagram as well!

See you there!

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