261 - The New Black

"She only has two poses - one, touching her hair; the other, not touching her hair." My wise words regarding my #ootd posts, told in 'confidence' to a friend, translated into ammunition for my amazing classmates who like to 'talk' to me about my blog. You can sense the feeling of sad reservation. 

On the other hand, the new black will always be black. Free block saw me trawling through SSENSE, once more reiterating my life regret of being "too poor for this world" (take that with a pinch of salt). Top left, pseudo-formal, but actually casual with Denis Gagnon, a new gem I've found midst the talented labels SSENSE usually stocks. Taking sporty and baroque to new heights (and eliciting puzzled exclamations from my less-sartorially educated male classmates), KTZ's carved platform shoes; rivaled only by more wood magic with Campbell's nubuck eggert heels.

My perennial obsession with Givenchy and its genius of a bag, the Antigona, still exists, especially when they decide to recreate it with subliminal but stunning emboss work; as well as the transparent Albertina podium heels, whose back-view is much more exciting than the front. Perhaps the only exception to the rule of black (nonetheless your computer screen's color temperature will deceive you to see them as such), Rick Owens' buffalo horn shield sunglasses are the practical, classier alternative to the coveted Alexander McQueen mirror visors.  And finally, what is black without "the little black dress"? (Gosh, cliches.) Deconstructed wonder with Lanvin's textured cutout dress, and sleek simplicity - we got to understand that less is more, people - with Hakaan's cut-out maple dress.

Forget about blue, black is the ultimate comfort color. 

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