262 - Paradise Lost.

It's over. I say that with a note of finality tinged with sadness yet relief. Raffles Runway had our show, RPROJECT 2013: PARADISE LOST, yesterday at *SCAPE warehouse, and it was ultimate gold. It would be fair to say that having your first runway show ever (even if not 100% yours - I only showcased two looks, out of several dozen) is the most exciting and surreal experience I can ever have. We reported at 7, set-up the stage - inclusive of hand-drawing and painting the white boxes with our logo as decor -, had one full dress rehearsal, and two shows all in the span of a day.

Yet perhaps the most memorable moment was neither the start nor the end, but the hiccup in-between. My model, fellow designer and batch-mate had a leg cramp, and after a lot of heat spray, water and massaging, I sent her out barefoot. Sounds ridiculous - perhaps it looked even more ridiculous to the audience - but I knew she wanted to walk, and I wanted her to wear it. Couldn't ever be more thankful to have such an amazing model, Sandy. (On a more cheerful note, our back-up plan if she were to cramp halfway was for my guy model to toss his jacket down the stage, and sweep her off her feet. Kind of wanted to watch that macho scene happen.)

Unfortunately, I don't have any proper shot of my outfits down the runway, but I'll dig up some soon and talk about them for real. (Hopefully, this means I'm back her for good, and for frequency). To all the designers, models, helpers, family, friends and visitors who had some role in all this, thank you so much for making it happen! 

Hand-painting doesn't usually equate neatness.

Loads more photos under the cut --> 

Our lookbooks, which I hope a few of you managed to get your hands on! Lovingly done by the most ingenious photobook committee ever. 

There is a stark difference between how glam I can look when I first arrive at 7am, and when I leave at 11pm. (Also, it pays to have an versatile accessory range at home - diamante necklace strikes back)

Brenda: our chairperson of Raffles Runway 2013 and the big brains behind everything. 

A print I could never imagine working - but stunningly manipulated by my senior, Sum Xin Yi, on a good friend of mine, Thalia.

Kids for the Mother & Child fashion show - our charity beneficiary. 

The finale for the EDEN theme, by Brenda Tan.

She cannot get any more glam. 

The finale look for SIN theme, done by Jeanine Cheok.

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