264 - Somewhat Decently

Brother: "You're wearing that out? But we're only going for breakfast.."
Me: "Yeah, but my blog is dead."
Hashtag #familysupport

One of those increasingly rare occasions where I manage to get myself dressed up somewhat decently (by that I mean not the usual t-shirt, shorts, sports shoes and leather jacket combo that has been dominating my sartorial life) and take some photos. Back at Duxton place for breakfast at The Plain with the family, and bringing out my inspired - isn't that a nicer word for knock-offs - Alexander Wangs I got off Taobao recently, because 5-inchers are really killing. 

Also, interesting fact about this pair of tan brown shorts I got off Zara 2 years ago (they have served me faithfully ever since) - they blend amazingly well with my skin, so I've gotten more than few remarks about how it looks like I'm not wearing shorts. Justification for the somewhat in the "Somewhat Decently" right there.

I also leave you with a picture of me touching my hair, again, because I just get so many comments about it from my friends. Thanks for your dedicated #support. (The sarcasm is really knocking me over)

Brother: "What's the use of the necklace if it's hidden?"
Me: "It's like a special surpri- just take the photo."

Taobao blazer; Zara shorts; Taiwan diamante necklace; Taobao shoes; Cotton On silver clutch

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