269 - Double Down [Paris 2013]

One of those times when you realized that two weeks of Good Fun away at a camp in Bintan and school trip in Paris leaves you just about another two weeks to study for exams. (Now I can't tell if my skin is peeling from being sun-burnt or being too dry) Seems like the haze is intent on keeping me in and studying as well - though obviously I have been spending disproportionate amounts of time editing photos. 

Suffering from a lack of inspiration, you get two boring (monochromatic doesn't usually equate boring, but in this case I have to concede) outfits on the steps of the Musee D'Orsay, and along a park near the Notre Dame. 

Also, a nice heads-up that all my Paris oo-oo-tee-deees feature me wearing the latest it-trend: ankle guards. I blame Bintan and shower queues. 

Photos taken by Eunice & Thalia
First outfit: Zara pleather jacket; Zara pullover; Mphosis dress; Nike Free Runs; Lacquar bracelet (worn as necklace)
Second outfit: Zara pullover; Editor's shirt; Riot Loco skirt; Nike free runs; Taiwan necklace


  1. hey your skirt looks great! :) I don't think its monochromatic or boring, u're real pretty in it!

    1. hahaha thank you! it's from riotloco, but i think it's out of stock. Got it for a steal of around $20 (:

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