273 - My Name is Arnold [Paris 2013]

The chance to go Paris led to a subsequent tip-off by a sister of my classmates', telling us where in Marais we could find good vintage shops. And last-minute circumstance dictating a one-hour-only free-and-easy time led to us running around the streets, and myself never having been so glad to bring track shoes. (Once more, blessed be the athletic trend)

I managed to walk out of one of the shops (not the one recommended - it seemed to have packed up) with a "real leather" (claims the label) biker jacket that is much too hot for Singapore, but much too unique and a steal (of 15 euros) to leave on the shelf. So I wore it the next day.

(Other lovely finds included a leather skirt, and an ill-fitting army shirt that is sitting forlornly in my closet.)

Photos by Thalia
Vintage leather jacket; H&M Men's shirt; Editor's pleather shorts

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