277 - Natural Element

"Why don't you stand there and take your shots?"
"I'm wearing WHITE SHOES, hello?!?"

Had lunch with my #singlegirlsclub (no longer in Paris) at Food For Thought the other day, and made an ode to our trip with the shirt I bought from the men's department in H&M along Champs Elysees on the first day we got there. Every piece of clothing has a story to tell, right? Also, a uniquely masochistic quality of mine - deciding to pile on the layers in Singapore (the blazer is quilted on the inside) rather than in Paris when the weather could be half, or even a third of our local temperature. 

It was also my birthday on Friday, and we celebrated that by blowing $200 on Taobao and buying a gorgeous new pair of shoes from Zara's sale (hashtag, #birthdayluck) that are forcing me to reconsider my closet and churn out some less plebeian outfits. One month of waiting before Christmas arrives early, from China.

Photos by Thalia
Taiwan houndstooth blazer; H&M Men printed t-shirt; Zara shorts; Taobao shoes; ASOS cross-body bag; Taiwan & Editor's necklaces

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