278 - Stomach Pains

An apt title, in relation to the poses I decided to do - hands across my stomach - and my actual state-of-being after a birthday meal at Equinox. (Later on we realized we should have made a reservation on a Saturday instead, because the national day rehearsals were going on and that'd equal a free fireworks show) Obviously I'm losing some touch at prose writing, but I reckon the essence of it remains and you're getting my point.

I've had this outfit stocked up in my mental sartorial checklist for a really long time, albeit with shorts instead of a skirt, but I've never found anywhere semi-formal enough (with adequate air-conditioning) to wear it to. Cha-ching, Equinox. (Our wallets too) Best steak I've eaten in a long time.

Happy National Day! 

Taobao blazer; ASOS brown outerwear (?); Uniqlo black tee; Zara asymmetrical chiffon skirt; Taobao heels; Taiwan diamante necklace

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