281 - Free/Wild


It's beginning to say something when you have rows of high heels lining up, waiting to be taken out, but you decide to impulse buy another pair of Nike Free Runs and immediately wear them. Comfort over style, or a compromise? 

To be quite honest I was just lazy - an hour after I took these shots I just packed the necklace and the blazer into my bag and went through the rest of my day in t-shirt, shorts and track shoes, much much more comfortable. I foresee the closure of this blog HAHAHA kidding.

Taobao blazer; Uniqlo t-shirt; Mango shorts; Nike Free Runs; Taobao necklace; Flea bag

280 - BASSIKE FW2014

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I stumbled across Australian-based Bassike's Fall Winter 2014 collection the other week, and I've been meaning to post about it. Clean silhouettes, no frills cuts and seams, and an appreciation for neutral tones (which the photography does much to highlight). Sophisticated flip-flop design, perhaps: Tweaking the basics, using the right fabrics (speckled wool, smooth leather), jumping on the avant garde/androgynous silhouette bandwagon, all while maintaining a homely, humble feel. 

Look at those slippers.

Images from Fashiongonerogue

279 - New Age


Promotional exams are finally over, so I'm running dry on reasons to put off updating this blog. In the spirit of renewed persistence, I managed to drag my butt down in the morning to take outfit shots by myself

And then I realized why I stopped doing it, it's close to impossible. Which is also why I only have two photos.

C.O. by Cotton On (which they unfortunately don't have anymore? Wasted) coat that I never took out because it doesn't fit well but it serves the purpose of a pretentious shoulder warmer; new shirt from Taobao (see instagram); and my pair of Zara holographic heels I bought on my birthday that I've been dying to bring out. Not just yet, it seems.

Hopefully I'll be back to posting at least once a week?

C.O. by Cotton On coat; Taobao shirt; Editor's pleather shorts; Zara heels; Taiwan necklace