279 - New Age

Promotional exams are finally over, so I'm running dry on reasons to put off updating this blog. In the spirit of renewed persistence, I managed to drag my butt down in the morning to take outfit shots by myself

And then I realized why I stopped doing it, it's close to impossible. Which is also why I only have two photos.

C.O. by Cotton On (which they unfortunately don't have anymore? Wasted) coat that I never took out because it doesn't fit well but it serves the purpose of a pretentious shoulder warmer; new shirt from Taobao (see instagram); and my pair of Zara holographic heels I bought on my birthday that I've been dying to bring out. Not just yet, it seems.

Hopefully I'll be back to posting at least once a week?

C.O. by Cotton On coat; Taobao shirt; Editor's pleather shorts; Zara heels; Taiwan necklace