281 - Free/Wild

It's beginning to say something when you have rows of high heels lining up, waiting to be taken out, but you decide to impulse buy another pair of Nike Free Runs and immediately wear them. Comfort over style, or a compromise? 

To be quite honest I was just lazy - an hour after I took these shots I just packed the necklace and the blazer into my bag and went through the rest of my day in t-shirt, shorts and track shoes, much much more comfortable. I foresee the closure of this blog HAHAHA kidding.

Taobao blazer; Uniqlo t-shirt; Mango shorts; Nike Free Runs; Taobao necklace; Flea bag


  1. WOW!
    i really liked this jewelery.
    wondering from where i can get some for me. :)

    1. Hi Mary, I got mine from taobao.com but there are plenty of online blogshops selling it too (:

  2. I've always always always wanted a pair of Nike Free Runs because I like to run (away from my problems) and I really love your paaair /cries /dies

    Also, I looove the gorgeous piece hanging around your neck! The pink matches your skin tone quite well.

    xx Patricia