282 - Happiest Place on Earth

I will attempt to make up for my long absence with a more traditional, and less than conventional photo of my classmate in Bhutan's national dress, the kira, together with the wonju (the long sleeved white blouse inside) and the toego outside. This exact set-up is also what female students wear to school, with different patterns and colors accounting for different school uniforms. (I'm not sure how they survive through summer, really)

(Do you feel more culturally educated now?)

Hopefully I'll be able to get some proper outfit posts up soon, or at least a few designs (that sounds much more plausible), but I'm hoping my fashion for passion (a phrase so apt, yet leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth from how juvenile it is) will return when I go to Spain and Portugal later this month! Holla, Zara. 

(Also, I find it immensely funny that I'm tagging this post "street style")

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