283 - Hey Sister

This probably makes my fourth time wearing this pair of vintage Burberry culottes, for simple reason that I just find it immensely hard to pair. Still oscillating between labeling it a failure or a semi-success.

Although the fact that these pair of culottes (from the ages of my mother) are still of better quality than certain articles of clothing I'm buying nowadays does brings up the question of The Price Tag (capitalized for dramatic effect). Is it really worth it? The closet life (do you call it shelf life?) is evidently and undoubtedly much longer (perhaps not proportionately, I wouldn't have the time to tell), and if you indulge in classic pieces like these, they may just be worth it.

Then again, with the Burberry print on everything from ripoff bags to picnic mats and foldable umbrellas, I doubt many people really think I'm wearing the real deal. (That's an entirely different ballgame altogether: Does it matter?)

It's hard to un-see the CCTV camera in the corner.

Photos taken by Thalia
Editor's crop pullover; Burberry vintage culottes; Taiwan boots; Taiwan diamante necklace; Taiwan sling bag