284 - Bright Lights, Iron Sights

The story behind these shots: My family had originally planned to head down to town to see the Christmas lights, but in a change of plans (and my father forgetting to bring along my heels and camera), I ended up back home later that night taking the shots in my carpark. 

Reciting my usual line when I'm tired of posing for photos (and getting it right), "There's nothing Photoshop can't fix," I present to you badly photoshopped bright lights (read: bokeh textures) onto grainy night shots. Christmas is the best time of the year.

I wish I had a massive Christmas tree to pose with.

Taobao white blazer; Taobao printed shirt; Editor's shorts; Zara shoes; thescarletroom clutch; Editor's & Taiwan necklaces


  1. DO A TAOBAO TUTORIAL/REVIEW/TIPS/WARNING KIND OF THING! You seem to patronise Taobao quite a bit :-)

    1. HAHAHA. I'll try, but I don't have that many tips (:

      x Liz