286 - Precious Metals

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"Black, black, black, gold, gold, black, black, silver, black, black, white."
My closet is easy to describe.

Finally got myself a pair of Supergas during the last week of 2013 as a Christmas present to myself (paid by my parents) and I've been quite glad with them. Another pair of flat shoes to balance out my growing collection of (underused) heels and to give my Nike Frees a break. Sporty chic, depressed chic, depressed sporty, boring black, whatareyouwearing, monochrome practicality.... call it what you want to call it.

And since I finally managed to convince myself and splurge on all the VSCO Cam filters, here's a post with photos edited by the app. Good way to pass the time while travelling.

Maxing out all the leather wristbands in my collection.

Photos taken by Jazell and Dominic
Edited with VSCO Cam
Zara t-shirt; Editor's slit skirt; Superga shoes; Mango gold studded leather wristband, Zara gold plated leather wristband, Lacquar studded leather wristband and spike bracelet; Zara sling bag

285 - The Grace

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Before the holidays ended (and I mean, they really ended - life is a never ending bundle of stress for me right now, and it's only been a week) I managed to drag myself out of bed for my first photoshoot with Thalia. Can't believe it took us so long, but at least it's not bad (one of my favorites in fact, other than the Kleine Zwarte one I did with Sean last year, but then again I do very few proper shoots)

In between a mass of other design-related work I managed to find myself volunteering for, hopefully I'll be able to edit the official photos and get them done by next week. Willow&Chrome - no proper shoot direction, but I think it turned out decent enough.

We actually wanted to go for colorful looks at first, can you believe it? Shivers.

Photos that never really made the cut.

Model/ Thalia
Styling, Photography, Editing/ Elizabeth