285 - The Grace

Before the holidays ended (and I mean, they really ended - life is a never ending bundle of stress for me right now, and it's only been a week) I managed to drag myself out of bed for my first photoshoot with Thalia. Can't believe it took us so long, but at least it's not bad (one of my favorites in fact, other than the Kleine Zwarte one I did with Sean last year, but then again I do very few proper shoots)

In between a mass of other design-related work I managed to find myself volunteering for, hopefully I'll be able to edit the official photos and get them done by next week. Willow&Chrome - no proper shoot direction, but I think it turned out decent enough.

We actually wanted to go for colorful looks at first, can you believe it? Shivers.

Photos that never really made the cut.

Model/ Thalia
Styling, Photography, Editing/ Elizabeth

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