291 - Turning 18

There's always good food around CBD - and there's always one of my favourite locations - the Tokio Marine building (see over 1.5 years ago when I dropped by SPR MKT for breakfast). Coincidentally, I'm not getting any less sporty (although you'd say otherwise when you see me during physical education classes), but I've aged considerably. Passing the threshold of 18 doesn't actually feel much different, but humans will make excuses, and I planned out a whole day of liberal money spending to pamper myself.  (think GAEST, Arteastiq, National Day fireworks and overpriced burger sliders)

Photos taken by me, Shauna, Thalia
H&M (Men) top
The Editor's Market skirt
Shito shoes
Zara bag
Zara, H&M, Lacquar arm candy
Taiwan cap

When patriotism coincides with your birthday. 

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