293 - NEREID (Part I)

There has got to be something off with shooting leather jackets in tropical Singapore at a beach in the late morning, but we found ourselves doing that, so kudos to Thalia for dealing with it (while the rest of us were clad - not any less comfortably though - in shorts and dry fit shirts). Even before prelims ended, we were planning a shoot (what is A levels) and we decided to combine it with an 'enjoyable' day at the beach. The most enjoyable part was actually the 1 hour I napped in the sun before I was rudely awaken to a reminder that we needed to shoot the other two pieces of clothing before the sun sets and we weren't allowed in the water. (Those will be posted in Part 2 :D)



Our original plan was to shoot on the rocks, which went not bad in my opinion, but in the end some trees and branches worked out the best. Relatively more shady and lots of 'props' and textures to work with. An entire day at the beach, close to 1000 shots, and being burnt to a crisp (nose as red as rudolph right now - no jokes about rednotion) later, we present Nereid.

Annie from thescarletroom (who I had the pleasure of meeting one or two years back at the ST Classifieds event) was more than helpful and supportive in lending us some clothes to shoot with (Thalia's closet is only so big). They're from the current/upcoming collection, so do drop by her site if you're interested.

Photography & Editing / Elizabeth Lim
Model / Thalia Lee
Assistant / Jessica Lee

Pleather Jackets / Thescarletroom
Shorts / The Editor's Market, Forever 21
Jewelry / Lovisa, Hong Kong

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