294 - NEREID (Part II)


Thalia blogs:

We started shooting this part in the late afternoon after I’d finally managed to wake Lizzi up. Rednotion on a beach plus some Michael Bublé meant that it took a while for the combined efforts of three people to rouse her.

Part 2 was our first time shooting in public, and let’s just say that it was a new experience. I think Lizzi didn’t particularly like it - she kept muttering at her camera because the guy in the water behind me wouldn’t stop moving around - and I’m pretty sure the lifeguards were laughing at us. Either that or at the guy in the loincloth behind us.

In all, it turned out to be a pretty fun shoot once we stopped caring about the amused onlookers (popcorn, anyone?), not to mention that having two friends assisting us made it a lot more enjoyable/efficient as compared to our previous two-man shoots.  Probably one of my favorites, if you can discount the makeshift changing room made out of a purple beach towel, three people and a tree.

If anything, naming the shoot might’ve been one of the toughest bits. Our initial idea was “Mother of Pearl” since we were originally planning on centering the shoot around my necklace/choker but neither of us thought it was all that relevant/sounded very nice. A Nereid is a sea nymph, and apparently 32 of them gathered on a coast to mourn the death of Achilles, so the all-black-ensemble-while-lying-on-the-sand thing is actually quite apt. And it just so happens that one of them is named Thalia as well. A little ego boost for me right there.

Photography & Editing / Elizabeth Lim
Model / Thalia Lee
Assistant / Jessica Lee, Eunice Yau

Furry pullover, Open back high neck sweater / Thescarletroom
Shorts / Forever 21
Jewelry / Lovisa, Hong Kong

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