We took over 1000 photos that day and 99% didn't make the cut... So I made secondary cuts. 
Actually, I just liked these, and figured they had a much different feel from what we were going with the official shoot, so I tossed them through some black and white filters and sat surprisingly pleased with the results. No other edits to the face or anything, so they're about as raw as they get (especially that tan line HAHA)

In other news... it's 2015! Hopefully with a bit more time on my hands (and a creative itch I'll probably scratch soon), I'll be updating this blog more than I did last year (grand total of TEN posts, w0w), although I'm really out of the ootd game.

Have a good year everyone (:

Photography & Editing / Elizabeth Lim
Model / Thalia Lee
Assistant / Jessica Lee, Eunice Yau

Tops and Jacket / Thescarletroom
Shorts / The Editor's Market, Forever 21
Jewelry / Lovisa, Hong Kong

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