296 - D.D.P.

Part of the series from my Seoul 2015 trip

One hit off my bucket list: Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul. 

Beyond the unhealthy amount of stalking I do on the #seoulfashionweek hashtag on Instagram (hence the desire to take poser street style photos), the clean and minimalist architecture of the place landed it a spot on my to-visit list ever since I stumbled upon it a few years back. 

Concrete walls textured only by their natural discolouration in varied tones of grey; a long winding corridor painted only in white; if I could have convinced my mum to rip out the wooden flooring in my room and replace it with a white floor I would have done it long ago. In short, the perfect place to shoot.

(Also, the only peer pressure you face about socks in Korea is to wear them high.)

C.O. by Cotton On coat; Zara crop top; Anne Kelly linen slacks; cheap ass socks; Topshop shoes
Photos of me by Shauna

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