297 - Pancakes Plus

Part of the series from my Seoul 2015 trip

I have a few mottos when it comes to eating ("Meat is life"; "Fibre is good for you") but most get tossed out of the window in favour of carbohydrates and sugar, because there's nothing like a good stack of pancakes (or any kind of dessert, for that matter). 

Shauna and I were pretty psyched that our serviced apartment in Seoul had a kitchenette, because that meant we could cook. More like Shauna cooks and I plate and take pictures, and we both eat. A pretty good deal if you ask me. And for a 1200 won packet of pancake mix and the cheapest eggs and milk we could find in the supermarket, these turned out pretty damn good, especially with a generous dressing of yogurt. 

If you're wondering what the yellow stuff in our cups are... We had some leftover mix and a microwave, so things added up. 

(Also featured are some shrimp mandus from a store tucked away in an alley in Insa-dong, and blueberry cheesecake bingsu.)

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